6 Problems With Ukrainian Women No One Warned You About

There's a lot of hype on the Internet about Ukrainian women. Not a day passes that someone doesn't praise them for “being the most beautiful women in the world.” Or the fact that they're “the most feminine women” in the world. Others have also said they make the best wives because they're so traditional.

All of that is true to some extent. Yes, they're super beautiful. Yes, they're amazingly feminine. Yes, they probably make great wives (I'm not married, so I can't comment here).

But there's a lot of little (or not so little) issues that go into that fine package that you may not have noticed or haven't been aware.

They are very materialistic

This is the biggest problem of all. Nowhere else have I met women that are materialistic as Ukrainian women. They're more materialistic even than the women in Mexico, where I'm originally from. And, let me tell you, we have materialistic women over there.

They love pointing out what their friends got from their boyfriends. “Oh, Svetlana got a really nice necklace from Igor” or “Can you believe Irina has a new Channel bag courtesy of Vlad?”

They know all the expensive brands out there. They know Chanel. They know who has the latest iPhone. They know who's driving the Toyota LandCruiser.

It's all about status and it's super important for the girl to have all the nice things to compete with other females.

They will also have no qualms about guilting you into buying them something expensive. Believe me, when I tell you, they have lots of psychological tools in their arsenal.

They will tell you that one of her friend's boyfriend got his woman something expensive. They will tell you that one of their girlfriend's boyfriend bought her the latest iPhone.

If you refuse, they will also say things like, “You don't think I deserve it?” or “Should I ask someone else to buy it for me?”

I can tell you that if you don't buy it for her, and she really wants something, she'll find someone else to buy it for her. It's an automatic given.

They can be extremely jealous

I remember when I was seeing this one girl. We've been seeing each other for only a few weeks. One day, she was over my house. I didn't take the relationship super seriously, so I set up another date for the evening because I knew this girl would be going home soon.

I went to take a shower and left my phone on the table. When I got out, the girl was super upset. After prying out the reason, apparently, she unlocked my phone and saw all my messages. (I still don't know how she unlocked my phone but maybe she knew my phone's pin code).

In any case, she was super pissed and was about to leave. I stopped her and explained it was my ex who was in town and needed closure. Of course, that was a lie, but I needed to say something. She finally calmed down and ended up staying.

Something similar happened with few of my other girlfriends. While they didn't go through my phone, they were super suspicious of my nighttime activities, constantly testing me to see if I had other girls on the side.

They care about their appearance a little too much

If you come to Ukraine, you must be blind to not notice this phenomenon: women always posing and photographing each other. It's everywhere. At the beaches. At the clubs. At the coffee shops. At the restaurants. Everywhere.

Obviously, this has its cons and pros. On one hand, it's great. It's nice when women care about appearance so much that they always make sure they're dressed to the nines everywhere they go. This sure isn't the case in America.

On the other hand, it means, it takes almost forever for women to get ready. It also means spending tons of money on expensive clothes. It means being uncompromising when it comes to looking your absolute best at any cost.

I also met women in their late 20s/early 30s who already did various procedures like botox in order, as they put it, “offset the effects of aging.”

After all, we're talking about a country (along with Russia and maybe Belarus) where women “pump up” their lips to make them more filling, something that I don't I've seen anywhere else.

They have extremely poor finance and planning skills

Ukraine is a country where a woman who's making around $200/mo will have no problems saving up all that money and buying a $1,000 iPhone while having absolutely no money left over for anything else.

I've met women who had zero savings because they spend their paychecks on stuff like clothes, bags every month. Fortunately, they don't need to pay rent because they're either living with their parents or because their parents owned the apartment which got passed onto to them.

If you ask me, I think it's pretty crazy to buy a $1,000 iPhone when you're only making $200-300 per month. Common sense would dictate buying a cheaper phone while working yourself to a higher salary.

But, then, again, what do I know?

They consider your money to be their money and their money to be also their money

So, the unwritten rule when it comes to finances in Ukraine is that the money the husband or boyfriend makes can be used by both parties. But, the money that the woman makes can only be used by the woman. That's the money that she can use for her pet projects.

Obviously, that leads to some poor decision making it removes any motivation for the woman to make any money in the first place and forces the man to make a ton of money. That's Ukraine for you.

They will have no problems dumping you for a richer, more successful man

So, what would happen if you have a hot girlfriend but one day you come home depressed because you were demoted or lost your job altogether?

She might console you—but only temporarily. Thing is, Ukrainian women aren't used to moving down in status. If they have a standard of living. And that standard of living allows them to buy nice things, go to nice restaurants with their girlfriends, and have a great life.

Well, how do you think she would feel if she suddenly weren't able to do that? You really think she's going to be perfectly fine with that?

Of course not. While she may seem understanding on the surface. Trust me: your relationship's days are limited. Unless you can get back on your feet quickly, she will be entertaining other suitors.

Closing thoughts

While what I wrote above puts Ukrainian women in a negative light, I believe it's merely the price to pay for their sexiness and beauty. Personally, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. Roguetrader says

    Spot on bro. I’ve dated so many of these so called beautiful women only to come to a conclusion that Ukrainian women can’t be trusted. Russians women have a higher standard.

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