The Best City In Ukraine To Find A Wife

The Best City In Ukraine To Find A Wife

Not all Ukrainian cities are ideal for meeting women. Some cities are definitely better than others. I have traveled all over Ukraine, so today I want to discuss which cities are great for meeting women and which cities aren't.

The thing about Ukraine is that it's a relatively big country—actually, the biggest in Europe just behind Russia—and different parts of the country have completely different types of people.

Western Ukraine

In the Western part, there are cities like Lviv, Ivano-Frankovich, and Chernivtsi. These cities more resemble the neighboring countries of Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia than Ukraine itself. That should be no surprise because, before WWII, these cities were actually part of the neighborhood countries. Then, when the Soviet Union won the war, Stalin annexed this region from the other countries.

Even the religion is different in Western Ukraine: most people are Roman Catholic as opposed to Christian Orthodox as in the rest of the country.

The women in Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk look very different from the women elsewhere in the country. In fact, they resemble more of Polish women than the "typical" Ukrainian women you might be used to.

It's hard to describe the difference but if you spend enough time in Kyiv or other cities, you will be able to tell the difference between the women in the West and your typical Ukrainian girl who lives in Kyiv or Dnipro.

If you ask me, I don't really prefer the look of the Western Ukrainian women. They're just too "bland" from my taste, and I much more prefer women from other parts of the country.

Kiev (Kyiv)

Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine and its biggest city. While there are plenty of women who are originally from here, many of the women immigrated to the capital from other parts of the country.

One of the first things I do when I meet a new girl is to ask her where she's from. This gets the ball rolling because the next logical question if she's not from the capital, is to ask her where she's from originally and go from there.

Since Kyiv is an agglomeration of people from all over the country, it makes a great place to meet lots of different women. So, you may meet a light-skinned girl from the north of the country. Or you may meet a darker-skinned girl from the southern part (Odesa, etc), or you may even meet women from the East (Dnepr, Donetsk, etc).

Ever since I've been living and dating in Kyiv, I would say that 50% of the women I met are from Kyiv and the other half are from some other city in the country. So, instead of living in some smaller 2nd or 3rd tier city where everyone is originally from there and everyone knows each other, in Kyiv, you can meet women from all over the country.

It's the same in other big cities around the world like New York City, São Paolo, Moscow or Paris.

Honestly, I think it's much easier to date women in Kyiv for two main reasons. First of all, it's a big, cosmopolitan city. There are lots of things to do. Tons of different restaurants, bars, coffee shops, events, etc. So, people are always going out and meeting others.

The other reason it's really easy to meet people in Kyiv is that women who came here from other cities did it for a reason. Many of them were escaping something. Perhaps it was the dire living situation or a shitty job or just wanted to escape their friends and meet new ones.

As someone who has traveled and lived abroad, this is something I completely understand. I also escaped my former life for new adventures and a new country. So, naturally, I completely connect with these women and understand their mentality.

The flip side of this mentality is that people date a lot in Kyiv. So, the girl who you just met and went on a date with will probably have another date tomorrow and the day after.

Women in Kyiv don't get attached to the people they're dating as do women in other parts of the country. It's sort of like living in New York City where everyone is always dating different people and nobody settles down.

Of course, it's not that bad in Kyiv, but you get the picture.

Southern Ukraine

Understanding southern Ukraine is very easy. There's only one city that's worth mentioning: Odessa. Odesa is a city Ukraine's only major summer destination with its Black Sea coastline and decent beaches.

Though, make no mistake about it: Odessa's beaches are nowhere near the Caribbean or Thai beaches, but if you need to escape the scorching summer heat, it will do the trick.

The women in Odessa are a particular kind. First of all, they're very dark and sexy. They also love to dress using the latest threads. Many would even call them high maintenance.

There's probably some truth to the latter. When I spent a summer in Odessa, I met many women whose first question to me was whether I had a car, and, if so, if I could pick them up.

That's in stark contrast to a place like Kyiv where nobody cares if you have wheels.

Overall, I didn't have much luck in Odessa. I found the women rather flaky, full of themselves, and very difficult to deal with. Perhaps it was the types of women I met; I have no doubt that decent, down-to-earth women exist there as well, but compared to other cities, it was a lot of work mostly for nothing.

So if you're interested in meeting women in Odessa, make sure you have a decent bankroll in order to show these women a truly good time.

Eastern Ukraine

Eastern Ukraine contains cities such as Dnipro, Zaporojie, Donetsk, and Lugansk.

One thing that immediately comes to mind about this part of the country is "hard." Compared to Western Europe or America, Eastern Europe is rather hard, but this region of the world really means it.

People are very direct and short on courtesy. So, you rarely see people saying "Hi" or "Bye" when entering and leaving a store as you witness in Kyiv or Western Ukraine.

This is true for women as well.

First of all, women here are extremely feminine. Whereas in Kyiv and Western Ukraine, women are gradually changing their styles to what Western women wear, in Eastern Ukraine, women still wear very high heels, short skirts, sexy dresses in the summer.

That's probably how most of Central and Eastern Europe was about 10-20 years ago.

Dating doesn't come with its own challenges.

First of all, I found it very hard to meet people. Since everyone who lives in each city is mostly from that city, people know each other since childhood and meeting new people is pretty rare.

It's not like Kyiv where a woman is excited to meet new people.

So, while it's relatively easy to get numbers, getting them out on a date is like pulling teeth. They just don't have much of a desire to meet a new man.

Nevertheless, if you do find a girl, chances are you'll land yourself a quality woman who may stay with you for a while. At least that's what I heard from some good friends who've lived there for several years.

As for Donetsk and Lugansk, unfortunately, I didn't have an opportunity to visit those cities because of the ongoing conflict with Russia. However, from what I heard

Final thoughts

At this point, we've come full circle and you may be wondering what's the best place to meet women.

Well, the answer to that question is "it depends."

In my opinion, Kyiv is the best place to meet women. But if you're looking for a challenge, there are plenty of other cities to explore and try your luck.

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