5 Best Ukrainian Dating Sites

5 Best Ukrainian Dating Sites

Let’s face it: this is no longer the 1990s where you need to physically walk to a woman in order to meet her. We’re now living in the 21st century where you have the Internet and, thus, a plethora ways of meeting a great girl.

Moreover, the beauty of online dating is that you don’t really need to go out and physically approach the girl and risk rejection.

When it comes to meeting women online, there are three main sites where you can quality women.


The first is the site where I’m sure you’ve heard about; it’s used all over the world and Ukraine is no exception: Tinder.

With tinder, you’re basically swiping left or right, respectively, depending on whether you like the woman or not. Left means dislike; right means like.

While Tinder works relatively well in Ukraine, one of the problems is that you attract a lot of women who flake or worse, don’t even respond to messages. This is due to low barrier of entry to Tinder itself; it takes few minutes to sign up and begin matching people.

Of the women you do match, many of them are also low quality women who are only interested in you for your money (especially that you’re a foreigner).

So, while I’ve had decent success with it, it’s definitely not a site I recommend for beginners and especially foreigners because of a high risk that you’ll get burned on the site.

Ukraine Date

Next, we have one of my favorite ways to meet women in Ukraine: Ukraine Date.

Ukraine Date is by far my favorite way to meet women in Ukraine. I have used it when I just arrived to Ukraine and have met some amazing women off the site. 

I also have plenty of foreigner friends who did really well on the site. Many of them ended up going into serious relationships with the women they met. A couple of friends ended up getting engaged on the site.

This is definitely my preferred way of meeting women online.

The way this works is that you signup for a free account, browse the personals and then message a girl that you like.

When I used the site, my response ratio was around 80-90%, that meant that for every 10 women that I messaged, I received around 8 to 9 replies. 

Not too bad. 

That’s a hell of a lot better than using Tinder, where my response was rate was absolutely abysmal, something like 20-30%.

So, I definitely recommend that you signup for a free account over at Ukraine Date and start meeting amazing women today.


Finally, we have Mamba, which is a site that’s used all over the Russian-speaking world in countries such as Ukraine, Russia and Moldova.

Mamba is one of the most popular dating sites in Russia, so it’s definitely not a bad place to start dating. 

Like other sites, it has its share of gold diggers and flakes, so you definitely have to do lots of filtering. I have heard (from others) that there’s also a pay-to-play element on one of those sites. So, instead of going on a date with a woman, you will be essentially meeting a prostitute. 

I have heard the same exists on Tinder, but I think it’s a lot more prevalent on Mamba than other dating apps.

To be honest with you, when it comes to dating sites (not apps), I still highly prefer Ukraine Date to Mamba. Ukraine Date is just a more polished site than Mamba (not to mention Tinder).

So, if you want to try out Ukraine Date, you can do so here. If you want to try out Mamba, you can do so here.

Have fun!


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