Dating Ukrainian Women: What You Need To Know

One of the most frequent questions we receive here at Ukraine Real is what’s it like dating Ukrainian women. A lot of our readers hail from the Western countries such as America, Canada, and the UK and are naturally curious about what’s dating like in Eastern Europe and, naturally, in countries like Ukraine.


First of all, it’s important to understand that a lot of such dating is completely informal. A lot of women usually meet men through their social circles, and, therefore, dating typically doesn’t happen. A woman sees a guy in her social circle and, after meeting him often enough, enters a relationship with him. Maybe this happens over a period of several months or even over a period of several years.

As a foreigner who will arrive in the country without any social connections or contacts, your situation will naturally be different. You can’t rely on coworkers or friends to meet women, so you will have to seek them out yourself. For that, we highly recommend meeting women on Ukraine Date; see our review here. Naturally, this would mean you’ll have to go on dates with these women.

When it comes to dating Ukrainian women, there’s the typical 3-day rule that you may be already familiar with. This means you should be getting some action (sex) on the third date at the latest. If you’ve dated her three times and still didn’t get any action, there’s a very slim chance you’ll get action and you should cut her loose and stop all contact.

Thankfully, as a result of dating lots and lots of women, I developed a certain system when it comes to dating women. For the first date, I typically like to meet up at one of the Italian-style restaurants for a glass of wine or two.

There are some girls that don’t drink (or say they don’t drink), in that case, we just have some tea or coffee. I try to eat beforehand, so I don’t end up ordering food in a restaurant and letting the girl do the same. I don’t really like dates where eat and prefer dates where we can just have a few glasses of wine and enjoy ourselves.

For the second date, I may invite her to take a walk in the park or to check out another bar where they have really good cider. It really depends on the overall vibe and feeling that I have with this woman.

Typically, by the second date, you should have a pretty good idea whether this girl is into you or not. By this time, hopefully, you should’ve have gotten physical with the girl and also hopefully gotten a kiss or two. It would be quite strange to go on several dates with the girl and not even touch each other. If that’s the case, you may be dangerously inching closer to a friend’s zone.

After each date, you should be asking a girl back to your place. Although she may refuse to go back to your place after the first date, it shows that you view her in a sexual way and aren’t content with just going on innocent dates with and sipping some coffee.

For the third—and hopefully final date—I like to invite her back to my place. Typically what I like to do is suggest we buy a bottle of wine and head back to my place. A woman understands what this means and she would either agree to this or she wouldn’t. Usually, if she agreed to meet up on the third date, and you’ve already kissed before, that means she’s probably interested in you and having sex shouldn’t be that much of a big deal.

Out of all the women that I invited back to my place, whether it was the second or third date, I only remember one or two girls that didn’t want to have sex. You will absolutely have girls like this, so don’t be discouraged that’s just part of the game.

How to deal with flaky women

Not all dates will go as smooth as I’ve described above. You will have plenty of experiences where women will outright flake, refuse to meet up, or change plans at the last possible second.

Let’s discuss flaking first. You will experience plenty of situations where a woman will agree to meet up and then will change her mind and decide to not come at all. Although I’ve never experienced outright flaking leading up the date, there had been plenty of women who confirmed a date that was several days away, but on the day of the date suddenly got busy with something else and couldn’t make it. Some of them suggested another day, while others didn’t.

Depending on the reason she gives for not showing up, I may allow reschedule for another day. However, if she fails to show up for the second time, then it’s definitely a red flag, and I probably won’t be seeing her again.

A more common type of situation occurs is when a woman agrees to show up on the first date, but then refuses to meet at your designated place and offers an alternative. Since I always suggest we meet up in some easily accessible place in the center (e.g., a park, a shopping mall, etc), any kind of push to meet up somewhere else, I take as a form of a power struggle, and I’m heavily against it.

For instance, let’s say I ask the girl to meet me in a popular shopping mall in the center of the city. But she refuses and instead offers to meet up in some other part of town. That right there tells me that either she’s lazy or she’s just not willing to put in the effort of meeting a new man in her life. Usually, it’s the second reason.

If the woman isn’t comfortable with making a 10-30 min trek to the center of the city to go on a date, that’s usually a sign that the woman will be hesitant to contribute to the relationship going forward. Although it’s not a 100% sure sign, it’s definitely something that turns me off. I don’t like to compromise a meetup spot and won’t tolerate it if a woman wants to meet way outside of town because it’s more convenient for her.

What to do on a date

As a foreigner, you will be subject to greater scrutiny by women than local guys. Ukrainian women know why you’re in the country—to fuck Ukrainian women. Thus, they’ll be aggressively screening for guys who are here just to have sex and bounce out. Obviously, they will be some women who just want to have fun and enjoy life, but if the woman you’re meeting is seeking some kind of relationship, her questions will be of different nature and she’ll be carefully evaluating your responses.

The most common question you will get is “What are you doing in this country?” You will receive this question from women who’re interested in more serious intentions. Obviously, don’t say something like, “I’m here to have sex with as many women as I want,” even if that’s what you’re doing.

Instead, make something up. Say that you’re taking a break from your life in the US or you’re just enjoying life, or you’re exploring the option of moving to a new country. Unless you have a job in Ukraine or some other official business, all of these answers are perfectly normal and show that you’re an adequate human who isn’t an “obvious” sex tourist.

Another type of question you might get is, “When and how long was your last relationship?” This is a type of question that a woman who is looking for a relationship would ask. Even if you’re not looking for a relationship, you should still hint that you would be willing to settle down with a quality woman anyway. In terms of answering this question, I would just say that my last relationship was one year ago and it lasted for one year or something like that.

After that, the woman might ask you why the relationship ended. She needs to understand if it was you or her that initiated the breakup. Typically, if you were in a long-term relationship and you initiated the breakup, the woman would want to know why that happened so the same doesn’t happen to her.

It’s important to keep in mind that a woman doesn’t ask questions out of the blue; every question that a woman asks serves a particular purpose. That’s her way of figuring out what kind of person you are, your value, and whether it will be someone she may want to build a relationship with.

Final thoughts

Although I didn’t cover many other things that are important when it comes to dating Ukrainian women, you now have a basic preview of what to expect and not to expect when it comes to meeting and seducing Ukrainian women.

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