Kiev Nightlife: Ultimate Guide

Kiev Nightlife: Ultimate Guide

Kiev nightlife is when the locals get loose and enjoy everything the capital has to offer.

Kiev is a fantastic city that’s replete with amazing monuments, parks, cafes, and restaurants. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, there are tons of things that you can do and never get bored. 

It’s also the perfectly sized, not so huge that you’re always stuck in traffic, but also not too small that you’re constantly running into the same people over and over again.

But, the very best part about Kiev is what happens after dark: the nightlife. That’s when Kiev really comes out and shines through.

In this article, I want to talk about the very best that Kiev has to offer, including the best bars and clubs where you can enjoy your night and meet gorgeous women.

The cost of nightlife

The prices for drinks and covers to clubs vary anywhere from several dollars to sky is the limit.

For example, a typical glass of wine in a regular restaurant or lounge costs about $3-4. If you’re in a nicer lounge, that price can jump to $8-10, rivaling what you’ll pay in countries such as the USA.

Entry fees for clubs also range anywhere from $3-4 all the way to $30-50 if it’s a special night with live music, etc.

Dress for success

Unlike Americans who are always dressed very casually, Ukrainians for the most dress well. This is especially applicable to women who don’t like to leave their houses without high heels (this was very true years ago, but is less applicable now).

For a regular bar or lounge, I would wear a nice pair of jeans, a cool shirt and maybe a blazer.

If you’re going somewhere top notch, you may need to wear to suit up. That means wearing a dark suit, a white shirt (without a tie).

Don’t wear running shoes to a club. Instead, wear a nice pair of shoes. They don’t need to be too formal, even more, casual shoes will do.

Where to go

For a fairly large city, Kiev has a fairly small center, and that is where most of the nightlife attractions are.

Specifically, there are three areas of interest in the city. Kreshatik, The main street that runs through the center; the Arena, a cluster of bars and clubs where Kreshyatik begins; and a collection of random bars all over the center.

During the week, you can easily wander around the main drag of Kreshyatik and see various restaurants and lounges. There are several lounges located near and opposite the main Kreshyatik Metro station.

There are also other lounges located near the Bessarbskaya square.

It’s important to keep in mind that Kreshyatik is mostly frequented by tourists and lots of seedy people; locals rarely go there unless they absolutely have to. Therefore, the quality of clubs and lounges (as well as restaurants) won’t be of the highest caliber.

In Arena district is different. There, you’ll find lots of bars and clubs mostly targeted the wealthy, foreigner clientele. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the women you’ll find there will be mostly looking for a foreign suitor. 

There are several noteworthy bars and clubs there:


One of the more popular bars in Kiev. Everyone knows where it is and what kind of clientele it attracts. Tons of gorgeous women, lots of golddiggers and some pros here and there. If you have money and want to get laid, go there.

Coyote Ugly

Another fun club from the movie of the same name. Gorgeous women and nice drinks.


This is the infamous American chain that exists all over the world. Doesn’t much introduction. You either like it or you don’t.

Here are some cool underground bars/speakeasies:


Cool bar located inside the “Kiev” movie theater. It’s rather small, with a long narrow hall. Has some great drinks and atmosphere.


One of the cool “underground” bars with nice cocktails and a pleasant atmosphere. Go there if you want to have a good time and relax.


Another underground style bar with nice cocktails and chill out vibe. The cocktails were a bit on the expensive side (for Kiev), but it’s still a fun place to chill.

Beyond those two main areas, there are plenty of great bars and clubs scattered all over the city.

Here are some of the more interesting ones:

Caribbean Club

For years, I’ve dated women who loved this place, but I never had a chance to check it out myself. Finally, I had a chance to come and check it out.

It’s a big place that plays Latin music. Great place if you like to dance. 

There are also always lots of foreigners (particularly Turkish men) who’re eyeing that sweet Ukrainian woman.

Sorry Babushka

One of my friends used to rave about this place. So, one day, I went and checked it out. 

This place has two floors and attracts mostly “secretary type” girls who want to enjoy life and have a good time. 

It’s an easy place to meet women and pick up, but the quality isn’t exactly sky high. 

Still, it’s worth a visit.

Bodeguita del Medio

This is a restaurant that turns into a bar with live music on some nights. Great for date nights and an awesome place to hang out and good food and music.

Buena Vista

This is one of my favorite venues in Kiev. There are two floors, with most of the action happening in the basement floor. 

Great live music, awesome beers, and cocktails. And, overall, a nice vibe.

The types of women you can meet

Each venue will have different types of women depending on the venue. If you’re in the Arena area, expect to see a lot of beautiful women, but there will also many gold diggers and pros working as well. 

That just goes with the territory. 

If you’re in one of the “underground” bars or speakeasies, you’ll meet more locals, down-to-earth women that are friendlier, more open and wouldn’t drain your wallet.

My personal preference is either the underground bars or the Latin bars where you won’t find many foreigners. That’s where you’ll meet amazing local women who’re open to meeting a new man.

Women who speak English

I think it’s also crucial to be mindful of women who speak English. Most people in Ukraine speak some English, but nobody speaks really well. 

So, if a woman speaks excellent English, chances are that she’s been with plenty of foreigners and may have also spent extensive time living abroad in English-speaking (US, UK).

Generally, these women are less traditional than the women who’ve never lived abroad. Moreover, they may also be on the lookout for a foreigner who can help them move abroad.

Final thoughts 

Kiev isn’t a huge city (much smaller than New York, Moscow or Rio de Janeiro), but even for its modest size, there are all kinds of nightlife choices.

From pros to golddiggers to local women, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.


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