Kiev Women: The Ultimate Guide

Kiev Women: The Ultimate Guide

Kiev women are simply the best the country has the offer. Not only are Ukrainian women some of the prettiest women in the world, but, in my experience, Kiev is the city that definitely has the prettiest women in all of Ukraine. And, believe me, I say that as someone who has traveled and even lived in almost all of the major Ukrainian cities.


Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and its largest city. It’s also the major hub in the country with two major airports. The first airport, and also the largest one, Boryspil, is outside the city and is about a 45-minute car ride from the city. The second airport, aptly named “Airport Kiev” is a smaller airport and is located not far from the city center (about 15 minutes away).

If you’re flying from other countries, chances are you will be landing at airport Boryspil’s relatively new terminal F, which was built in 2012 for the Euro championship (soccer).

There are two options in terms of getting from the airports to the city center: taxi or bus. An Uber taxi only costs about $10-13, while the bus to the city center costs about $3-5. While the Uber taxi takes you exactly where you need to go, the bus takes you as far as the main train station, which means you’ll still need to take some form of transportation to your final destination.

Where to stay in Kiev

While I’ve talked in-depth about where exactly to stay in Kiev, suffice to say that where you want to be staying can be summed up in one word: center. As long as you’re in the center, closing to the main Kreshyatik street, you should be absolutely fine. What you don’t want is to fly into Kiev and then grab an apartment in one of the “sleeper neighborhoods” that are mostly rows of Soviet-era buildings that all look, smell and feel the same.

A solid place to look for temporary apartments would be Airbnb. It’s fairly expensive when you rent per day ($30-50 and higher), but if you’re willing to commit for one month, you might be able to score a discount. Expect to pay around $600-$1000 if booking over Airbnb. 

On the other hand, if you book via one of the local sites and sign a longer-term contract, you will pay somewhere around $600-800 for a nicely furnished place in the center. Keep in mind that you would need to speak Russian or Ukrainian in order to get the best possible deal.

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Where to meet women in person

Before I cover the different ways of meeting women in Kiev, I want to talk about how to meet women in person once you have gotten her contact information (e.g., for a first date or so). 

One thing you have to understand is that most of the women you will meet will be residing outside the city center since it’s relatively expensive to live in the center. That means that if you’re based in the center and a woman is somewhere in the periphery of the city, in one of those “sleeping neighborhoods,” you, therefore, have a dilemma of where to meet these women.

Should you meet them in the center or drive all the way to her hood?

My plan has been to always meet them in the center. That’s not necessarily because I live in the center but because it’s called the center for a reason. That’s where the action is and that’s where everything happens. 

If it’s the summer, I like to meet up in one of the central parks and then go from there. If we don’t hit it off, we can just end it right there without spending a ton of money.

If it’s the winter, I prefer to meet up with the girl in one of the inexpensive restaurants that also serve cheap house wine. That way we can have a couple of glasses of cheap wine and get to know each other more.

There have been situations where a girl flat out refused to get to the center to meet up. Usually, it’s because she’s lazy or tired or a plethora of other reasons. In this case, I would never compromise and come out to her neighborhood to meet up. If she isn’t willing to meet up in the center—where all the action is—then she just isn’t willing to put up much of an effort to see me and isn’t too invested in the interaction.

All my solid dates were when the girl made the effort to drive out all the way to the center to meet me. 

Thus, always suggest meeting somewhere central—even if you don’t live there. Her response and the willingness to put in the effort would dictate how the date will go and other factors. 

Meeting Ukrainian women during the day

Now that I’ve taken a slight detour and talked about the logistics of meeting the girl for the first time, let’s get back to basics and talk about how to meet women in the wild.

Meeting women on the streets is fairly easy and straightforward. Ukrainian—like all other Eastern European—appreciate a man who has the balls to approach them. From my experience, they also don’t have a problem giving out their number to you (my success rate has been around 80%).

Once she gives you her number, verify it by calling it and seeing if her phone will ring. Once you’ve verified her number, add it into your contact book and then contact her via one of the standard messaging apps (Viber or Telegram). 

It’s fairly rare for people to call each other in Ukraine, and communicating via these IM apps is the way to go.

Once you’ve got the number, feel free to contact her later in the day to see how’s she doing. Don’t wait several days to contact her because by then she would have probably forgotten all about you. 

In terms of where to approach, I’ve had a lot of success approaching women anywhere where there has been eye contact. While it’s fairly difficult to approach a girl who’s walking on the street (an object that’s in motion tends to stay in motion), you will have much better luck approaching a girl who’s sitting somewhere, like a cafe or a restaurant.

Meeting Ukrainian women at night

There’s always nightlife for meeting women, but I have to be honest with you: nightlife in Kiev isn’t very good. The first problem is that there’s no single area in the city that you can go where you’d see all kinds of nightlife venues. There’s no “red light” district of sorts.

The closest to the quintessential red light district you would find in Kiev would be “Arena” entertainment complex that’s located in the center of the city. It sports several restaurants, some bars and a couple of high-end clubs aimed at foreigners who want to meet local women. It’s worth mentioning that most of the women you would find in those venues would expect you to pay for them in one form or another; these wouldn’t be just “girls next door” you could romance into loving you.

Besides that, there are various bars and clubs scattered all over town, but many of them closing up/opening up, so you would have to check with some locals once you’re in Kiev in order to see which places are worth visiting and which places aren’t.

Meeting Ukrainian women in Kiev online

Honestly, I feel the best place to meet women is where everyone already is: the Internet. That means checking out various dating apps and sites such as Tinder and many others. 

While you can certainly meet women on Tinder in Kiev, the fact of the matter is that there are plenty of dating sites that are much better for meeting women than swiping left and right all day. One such site that we recommend here at UkraineReal is Ukraine Date. Ukraine Date is a legit dating site that makes meeting women super easy and it’s one that we stand behind. You can check out our review here or even join the site here.

The best part of meeting women on a site like Ukraine Date is that you can do before you arrive in Kiev; you can do that while you’re still in New York, Los Angeles, London, or whatever city you’re from.

Final thoughts

So, there you have it. The complete guide to meeting gorgeous Ukrainian girls in Kiev, Ukraine. While there are lots of cities to meet great women in Ukraine, in my opinion, the capital is the best place to meet the women of your dreams.


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