Where And How To Meet Ukrainian Women – Offline And Online

When you're in Ukraine, Ukrainian women are everywhere. It's impossible to miss them. They're walking on the street. They're sitting in coffee shops. They're getting their hair and nails done. And they're waiting for you to approach them.

As someone who's new into town, you have two main ways to meet Ukrainian women: offline or online.

Meeting offline

The most common way to meet Ukrainian women is in the flesh, that is, by approaching one on the street, waiting on the bus stop, inside the restaurants, the coffee shops, bars, lounges, or anywhere else.

Approaching works out well because the women are always open to being approached. When I began approaching women years ago, one thing that immediately made an impression on me is how receptive they were. They weren't frightened or surprised. Many women acted as though they completely expected me to approach and even as though they were being approached all day and every day.

Approaching the woman and seeing her acting super relaxed was a revelation, to say the least.

I don't believe some approaching opportunities are necessarily better than others. But, generally, it's best to approach a woman who's already stationary—like a woman who's sitting on a bench in the park or enjoying her coffee in a coffee shop.

The best part about approaching women in person is that you're able to meet a broad range of women. Unlike meeting them online, where lots of women are looking for short-term relationships and finding marriage material or your soulmate is rather difficult, meeting women in the wild exposes you to women that can easily become your next wife or at least a serious girlfriend.

How to approach women

The way you approach a woman is simple. In Ukraine, you don't need to try anything hard. Once you spot a woman you like, simply come over to her and say something to the tune that you noticed her from a distance and wanted to come over and say “Hi.” Unlike some of the Western women, Ukrainian women are comfortable with being approached by strangers and only very rarely would make some kind of scene in public. Thus, you don't have to worry about being shamefully rejected by the woman you approached.

If you notice the woman being receptive to your approach, ask her if she would be interested in hanging out sometime, perhaps getting a drink or having a bite. If she's comfortable to that, get your phone out and jot down her number. After getting the number, I usually call her immediately to confirm she gave me the right number or see if her contact shows up on Viber (a popular messaging app used by people in FSU countries).

Since most people communicate using Viber (or some other app), it's not really necessary to call and talk on the phone. I rarely call anyone these days; chatting on one of these apps is more than sufficient.

Once you've confirmed that she's on your list of contacts—and pretty much everyone under 50 uses Viber in Ukraine—tell her that you'd be contacting her soon to arrange a date.

Feel free to contact her the next day in the afternoon and see what's she doing in the evening. If she's busy or unavailable, wait for her to make a counteroffer. However, if she continues to be busy and unavailable, take it as a sign that she's interested and move on. There's more than plenty of fish in the sea.

Meeting online

The second way to meet women is via the myriad of dating websites and dating apps on your smartphone. We've already covered meeting women on Tinder, so I will not be focusing much on this app in this article. (Of course, there are other apps out there such as Mamba and Badoo (and maybe others), but Tinder seems to be of the most popular ones.)

I won't deny that meeting online is great, especially if you have a busy social life. Nowadays, everyone is online, so chances are that girl you wanted to approach, but couldn't summon the courage is probably also online, so you can meet her there as well.

The negative aspect of meeting women online is that typically only certain women are online, the ones who can't find a man otherwise. A quality woman is almost always in a relationship, but a woman who can't find a man (or can't seem to keep one) is usually out there seeking validation and “likes” on these dating apps. Of course, I'm not saying that it's not possible to find a quality woman, but you must really work through a lot of women who aren't for you. If you're willing to put in the work, you may succeed in finding the one online.

Moreover, you have to realize that not all women are online. In fact, many of the amazing women that I met during the day are not registered on any dating websites or use any dating apps. If you think about it, maybe you'll understand why. After all, it takes a certain type of woman to create a profile, register there, and then entertain offers from a lot of random guys. I've known many women simply delete their profiles after getting a lot of indecent requests from women to meet up.

Final thoughts

If there's one thing I want you to take away from this is that Ukrainian women are super receptive to being approached. Unless you seem or act like a creep (and you shouldn't), there's a good chance you'll get a number of a nice girl or you'll be brushed away in a nice and pleasant matter. In this sense, it's a win/win situation.

Should the majority of your approaches fail or you don't have an adequate social circle (or you just don't want to approach women on the street), there's always the fairly rejection-free ways of meeting women online to fall back onto. Either way, you shouldn't have any problems finding a great companion for those brutal winter months.

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