Odessa Women: Ultimate Guide

Odessa Women: Ultimate Guide

It's no great secret or myth that the hottest women in Ukraine are typically from Odessa, Ukraine. Many people have wondered why that is?

Is it because of the sea?

Is it the Southern region, which is home to people of different ethnicities?

Or is it something else?

Personally, I think it's the combination of the above. There's absolutely no doubt that Odessa's location all the way in the southern part of the country definitely has to do with its inhabitants being more "exotic" and sexier than the rest of the population.

Physical features

A typical girl from Odessa looks and acts differently when compared to the women in other parts of the country. First of all, she has a slighter darker skin tone. Women from Odessa more resemble Southern Europeans like Italians or Spaniards than Ukrainian women with their light skin tone and Slavic complexion.

I once traveled to Spain with my ex-girlfriend who was from Odessa. Although I speak fluent Spanish, it was she who was always approached in Spanish by both men and women. She had dark olive skin and definitely looked more Spanish than Ukrainian.

Another thing that sets Odessa women apart from other Ukrainian women (and also women from other countries) is that women in Odessa are always wearing very stylish threads. In the summer, when people are going to the beach, you can bet that the women will be wearing very stylish bathing suits and bras. But also in the winter, they love to wear very stylish winter clothing.

This definitely sets them apart from women in other regions of Ukraine, including the capital. Let's be honest: Ukraine isn't exactly a country known for its high fashion and well-dressed people like other countries like Italy or France. The men are probably the worst offenders since it's a well-known fact that Eastern European men simply don't know how to dress to impress and still mostly wear vintage Soviet clothing.

The women dress a bit better in Ukraine, but in Odessa, things are taken up several notches.

Where to meet during the day

The women in Odessa are used to be approached by guys so they're not going to be surprised or shocked when you approach them. That's because, during the summer, the city is swarmed by many foreigners including mostly Turkish men who're looking to have some fun.

If you're in the city, a great place to approach women is the center of the city, including the famous Derribasovskaya Street.

In fact, pretty much anywhere in the center is a solid option to meet women. Just approach them anywhere you like.

If you're at the beach, then things definitely get more interesting. In the summer, the beach is the place to meet women as local women (and foreign) are looking for their summer fling.

As I explained previously, the best places to meet women would be the Arcadia beach along with the two clubs in the area: Ithaca and Ibiza.

Both clubs require you to pay not only an entry fee but also a fee for beach chairs and mattresses.

There are two main areas to hang out: near the sea or near the pool. The last time I was there, I spent my time hanging out near the sea, but if I had to do it again, I would definitely hang out near the pool. It's cleaner and just much more aesthetically pleasing to be near the pool instead of near the sea.

So, if you're planning to have a good time at one of the main clubs, I definitely recommend you to spend time near the pool instead of near the sea.

Where to meet women during the night

If you're looking to meet women during the night, you have a ton of options. The first option main option is to meet women in various pubs, bars and clubs scattered throughout the center. There are tons of them, so I can't really list them all here.

The second option is to head to one of the main clubs that I mentioned earlier: Ithaca and Ibiza. During the day these clubs serve as great beach clubs, but at night they turn into full-fledged nightclubs.

Although I haven't really been to either club at night, I definitely heard great things about these places. So, if you're in town, it's definitely worth to check them out.

Are women from Odessa more or less difficult?

This is a question that's on top of every guy's mind. In my opinion, women in Odessa are definitely more difficult than women from other regions. Although I had no problems getting dates, I couldn't close any women to save my life. It was ridiculously difficult to get a kiss or go further.

Plus, I noticed that women were very flaky. I can't tell you how many times I would arrange a date, confirm it on the same day, only to see them call an hour before and flake for some weird reason. This happened quite often.

Compare that to the women in Kiev, and the difference is clear: it's much easier to meet and hang out with women in other cities than in Odessa.

I suppose because they're much prettier and sexier than in other regions, they feel they have the right to flake and be more difficult than other women.

Who knows, maybe you'll have much better luck, but I certainly struggled heavily in this beautiful sea town as compared to when I lived in other cities.

Final thoughts

So, there you have it, a guide to meeting and seducing women in the beautiful sea-side town of Odessa. While these certainly aren't the easiest women, it's definitely worth a visit for the sun and R&R.

Have fun!

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