Overstay In Ukraine: What To Expect

Last year, I entered Ukraine in January and left five months later. Ukraine’s visa policy with most of the world is called 90/180. That means you’re allowed to enter the country, stay for 90 days and then leave for 90 days before returning back to the country. That’s what the whole 90/180 rule means.

When I was leaving the country, I went through passport control. The guy opened my passport, scanned it in the system and immediately knew that I had overstayed. He motioned me to go to another office, also in the airport. In that office, I was presented with a fine. I also had to pay in cash.

The fine was for 5100 UAH ($180).

I went to an ATM, took out the money and paid the fine.

After I went through passport control again, I showed the receipt and they stamped my passport. The immigration officer told me that I could return back to the country after 90 days.

I believe my situation wasn’t that bad. I’ve heard others being banned from the country altogether (1-3 years).

So, there you have it. That’s what happens when you overstay your visa in Ukraine.

If you have any experience or questions, let me know in the comments below.