Ukraine Online Dating: The Complete Guide

Ukraine Online Dating: The Complete Guide

In this article, I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about online dating in Ukraine.

First of all a little bit of a background about what it's like dating in Ukraine. Now in most of the world or at least in some countries, you can potentially walk up to a woman whether it's on the street or in a coffee shop in the restaurant and basically chat her up. That’s not really the case here in Ukraine because the women are on guard and they're just not comfortable with random guys coming up to them out of the blue.

Part of it is because of the Soviet Union mentality where secrecy didn't exist and everybody was suspicious of each other so that could be something to do with the thing. It’s just not part of the culture and is something you just have to accept.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there's not really culture one night stands in Ukraine like in America or England or Australia or any of the other Western countries that are just not the case

So now that you know what's the online dating culture is like I'm going to tell you and really dive deep into where exactly do you meet at the highest quality of women were you're going to have the most amount of followers.

Meeting Ukrainian women online

While there are plenty of dating sites where you can meet women the best dating sites out of the mall is called Ukraine date period now Ukraine date is not a free dating sites ok while you can sign up for free you will definitely will need to upgrade at some point in order to actually communicate with these women because you can become a free member and you could basically see the profiles and see what's out there but I'm not actually communicating with this woman's you will have to become a paid member.

Now I know a lot of you're probably striking their heads and rolling Their Eyes run on think you have to pay for this but I'm going to tell you straight on that is completely worth it, if you're going to be essentially pain around fifty cents per day and you're going to have immense value of meeting amazing and quality women that you might otherwise not be able to meet I asked you what is the price what is the cost of meeting name your soulmate or an amazing companion that's gonna be in your life perhaps even for the rest of your life you know I would say that's priceless so you know 50c per today is not a lot.

So now that we got that are out of this out of the way, I want to talk a little bit about the logistics of me and his women and the best practices of going about. Now the first thing you have to realize that you will have to be in the shade in contact just like anywhere else just like in real life you will have to be in the shady and so what you need to do is your basically go to the side sign up for free then upgrade your account at a paid member I would recommend getting one of these longer turns into something like six months or 12 months because it's alright then you're in a tonne of money over the short-term periods period.

The logistics of meeting women online

Now that you're on the site, I would recommend that you basically contact as many women as you can and see who response at who's interested and having a conversation with you and things like that.

Now because this is Ukraine I don't think you're gonna have any problems having women respond to I I cannot see it happening it might happen in America or England but in Ukrainian, you're going to happen your response to chances are I'm pretty sure.

No one thing I want to talk to you about is you have to make sure that you don't fall for the typical Ukrainian scams and this is where basically women trying to ask you for money or try to ask you for something a favor or some service in this is before you even read the woman so she might mother sister or daughter somebody is undergoing some pain and problems and they need some money and maybe it's a little bit of mine like that but if you do it she will understand that you're somebody who could she can take advantage of a show last for more money and the more she asked the more difficult it will be to say no.

Furthermore you have to realize that if you keep giving in to her the man she will eventually lose respect for you because local guys definitely do not give money to women that they haven't met yet it's only guys that are very thirsty and guys that are not as experience with women and so if you give her any money or do some kind of favor for her without even seen her it's not in the end to work.

We've covered the most important point in this phone it's all about just having fun messaging the woman that you like arranging dates if you are doing it you know from another country this is one of the advantages of online dating is that you could be doing it from your apartment in New York City or somewhere else you can essentially arrange several days are many days so that when you're right every day you can go out with a new woman and that's called pipelining and that's probably one of the biggest advantages one Monday.

In my experience if you try to arrange a date or try to tell a girl to go out at the meet you and she is not comfortable or she's not called that or and she starts to come up with a lot of excuses that is not a good sign and typically means that she's probably using you for attention or she's in detention horror and that's not something that you want to be a part of so in my opinion if you try to get a woman although she keeps delaying making excuses I will do it only two times maximum but I wouldn't do it for the third time.

But if you've signed up on Ukraine date chances are you're going to be contacting quality women so I don't expect you to have a lot of trouble getting these women meeting them and person because well that's why they signed up for to meet somebody knew and I don't see them trying to play out of games as they would be if you were on a lower quality and even a free dating site where they believe that their members that match.

So if you've been doing everything that I've outlined you should have a good number of prospects that you can eventually get them out on a date and when it comes to the first day I typically recommend something like something simple maybe a wine bar maybe have a coffee shop maybe a walk if it's summer during the summer I like them in the past and just hang out it has always worked well for me I don't go overboard and invite on the first day they do some really expensive restaurant or keep it simple keep it casual and you will have a lot of success when it comes to online dating in Ukraine

I hope this guide was helpful and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me later on.


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