How To Setup Dates With Ukrainian Women Before Coming To Ukraine

One of the best ways to meet women in a new country is to prepare yourself before you board the plane—as much as weeks in advance. You do that mostly by meeting women online and setting up dates in advance. That's called pipelining and it works amazingly well because you already have a group of people you've been corresponding with and who, hopefully, want to see you when you arrive.

One of the amazing things the Internet has given us is the ability to communicate with people pretty much all over the world. You can be sitting in your apartment in New York City and chatting, for the first time, to a girl living in a small village in Ukraine. Or it can be a girl in Brazil, Colombia, or pretty much anywhere else.

Before the Internet, you had to actually arrive in the country and start meeting people. That usually means you need at least a week (more like a month) to meet people, get to know them, get them to like you, etc. A much better strategy is to start that process when you're back home. That way, when you arrive, you will already have a group of women who're dying to meet you in person.

It's super easy to do and is effective. I've done this multiple times in different countries. I've done this in Russia in 2015 and Belarus in 2016.

The result was when I arrived, took a taxi to my hotel room, took a shower and got ready, I had already a list of no less than 10 women who wanted to see me in each country. Of course, I also had an option to meet women on the street, the cafes, the restaurants, the gyms, pretty much anywhere I wanted. But, as I wrote before, things go much smoother when you had established contact with a woman weeks before.

Yep, intimacy and sex come much faster when the girl feels like she knows you as compared to a woman you just met today.

OK, so how do you pipeline in Ukraine?

How to pipeline for Ukrainian women

Well, you do that by meeting women online first.

One of the most common ways to meet women is via Tinder. I'm sure you heard of it. It's an app that allows you to “swipe” people—left if you don't like them, right if you like them—and if they do the same, you have a match. From then on, you strike a conversation with them and hopefully arrange a meet.

The thing about doing it on Tinder is that, while the app will show that you're far away, women might not notice it immediately and only realize it after chatting with you. It's not really a big deal because you can simply say that you're traveling on business and will be returning to (insert the city) soon. They won't mind.

While Tinder is super effective for meeting women, you can't meet women outside your geographical area with paying extra. You must pay for a service called “Tinder Gold” which costs $30/month. Not a ton of money, but another expense nonetheless.

I see it as the price of doing business, so to speak. Super worth it for an ability to meet women now and save time later.

Another method is to pipeline by using a myriad of dating sites where you can simply register and begin meeting women.  One of the most popular dating sites in Ukraine and Russia is called, you can meet women from across the entire Former Soviet Union (FSU). It's been a while since I used this site, so I don't exactly remember if there's a monthly fee and, if so, what that fee is.

I'm sure there are dating sites you can try, but their names escape me at this point. In any case, mambo is one of the biggest sites that has lots and lots of profiles.

If I were you, I'd probably give Tinder a try first. Break down and pay the $30/mo fee, change your location to Ukraine (pick the city you'll be going to) and start swiping. Sooner or later, you'll start accumulating matches. Then, you can start chatting and getting to know each other.

While, pipelining does require some “work” to get going—you're essentially chatting with girls that you can't meet right now—in my opinion, it's extremely worth it because you're essentially saving lots of time and frustration when you land in the country.

The fact of the matter is that Ukraine (as well as Russia and Belarus) are countries without ONS (one night stand) culture. While they happen, they're extremely rare and shouldn't be relied upon. It typically takes 2-3 dates (or more) to close the deal, so if you're in the country for only a week or two, you won't have enough time to meet and seduce women. Without pipelining, you will have to return for another trip.

Now, you shouldn't have any excuse to not meet women until you arrive to their country. Get out there and start meeting them today.

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