"Love Me!" — Netflix Documentary About Ukrainian Brides

"Love Me!" — Netflix Documentary About Ukrainian Brides

There's an interesting documentary on Netflix called "Love Me!" about how American men go to Ukraine in order to find a wife.

Here's a trailer:


It chronicles the journey of six American men who fly to Ukraine to find a woman of their dreams, mostly for marriage. Most of these men are well in their 40s and 50s, although the youngest one is 38.

All of these men seem like they haven't dated anyone in a long time, so they're rather rusty when it comes to courting young women, let alone Ukrainian women.

The documentary describes the courting process both from the men's and women's perspective.

Lots of interesting scams happen as well and all men except maybe one are scammed.

For one man, there's a happy ending. They get married and he brings her over to Texas to live with him.

Highly recommended for any men going to Ukraine.


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