Ukrainian Brides: Ultimate Guide

Ukrainian Brides: Ultimate Guide

Ukrainian brides is a concept that's well known in countries such as Ukraine and Russia, the two countries where it’s common for foreigners to seek wives from abroad through these so-called marriage agencies. That’s where a man that’s in America or the UK (or some other country) can get on the Internet and be arranged with a wife. He goes on a specific website, browses among the tens and hundreds of profiles of women and then picks the ones he’s most attracted to.

The agency connects the client (the guy) to these women, and from that point on, he’s able to contact them and has a conversation with them with, hopefully, the intention of bringing them into the country and marrying them.

In a way, the marriage agency serves as a glorified dating service that offers a suite of services instead of something as simple as Tinder where you have to do all the work of attracting the women. Think of something like Tinder as a self-service cafeteria and a dating agency as a high-end Michelin star restaurant.

Ukrainian women are the renowned world over for their beauty and femininity. Thus, it’s no wonder that men from rich Western nations who are tired of their masculine and entitles women are seeking to find wives abroad. On paper, it’s also the perfect trade, relatively wealthy Western men offer money, resources, and financial stability in exchange for a relationship with a beautiful woman (and sex, too).

The problem, however, is that many of these so-called dating agencies that offer to find you a wife in Ukraine are nothing but scams. Not only do they charge the men for every little thing like complete access to the profiles, the ability to message the women, the ability to chat to the women, etc, but often, you don’t even know if the woman you’re chatting is an actual woman. Maybe it’s one of the employees of the company (a woman or a man) who is replying to your messages. There are also various services, sometimes offshored to countries like the Philippines that pretend to be your beautiful future bride and chat with you.

Common Ukrainian brides scams

There are two kinds of Ukrainian brides scams that you should be aware of. The first scam is when the dating agency attempts to scam you using the methods described above and others. The second scam is when you eventually make it to Ukraine, met your future bride, and get scammed by her in some shape, way or form.

In the first type of scam, you’re dealing with a very unrepeatable marriage agency. While they have may have a website that’s full of available beautiful women, many or all of those profiles can be fake. And when you contact one of these “girls,” it may be an employee (male or female) who’s chatting with you instead. There are also third-party services that provide people who will pretend to be women and talk to the men on a dating site. I personally of a company that provides such services.

However, this came goes beyond having fake women and all that. Every time you interact with such a site, you’re being charged. You may be charged in a variety of ways. For instance, if a girl opens the email, you may be charged something. You may also be charged when a woman replies. Last but not least, you can expect some sort of fee when it’s time to meet the girl. Even if you’re aware of these fees upfront, they can still greatly add up when you’re contacting multiple women.

The second type of scam is as insidious as the first one. This is where you meet the girl in person (or even online), and she tries to extract resources from you. This can be when you’re talking to her on Skype, and after a few conversations, she tells you that she has a sick mom or grandma (or some other family member) and that she needs money ASAP to cover the medical bills. The amount might be low initially ($25 or $50), but it can rise quickly. Because once you’ve agreed to shell out $25, it becomes much easier for you to part with $100 (or more) than if she would’ve asked you $300 or something like that upfront. There was a Netflix movie about how Western men went to Ukraine to meet a wife, but went back home heartbroken and broke.

A variation of this scam is when you meet the woman in person and she attempts to get you to help her financially. Failing that, she can “invite” you a restaurant, bar or club where you will order a bunch of stuff for her and you and then when it’s time to pay, you will be presented with an exorbitant bill that you wouldn’t expect. Even if you ask for a menu, they will bring some other menu with jacked up prices, not the menu that you originally ordered from. Refusing to pay will be meaningless as you will be met by a bunch of brawny men who won’t let you leave until you pay.

To avoid this scam, you need to be very mindful of giving any money to women that you haven’t met yet. Even if you’re just chatting on Skype every single at 8 pm, and you believe this woman is legit, you still can’t trust her because she can be married or has a boyfriend, or be in all kinds of situations the other 23 hours that you’re not speaking to her. I would never send any money to anyone that I haven’t met in person.

Moreover, once you do meet in person, it should serve as a red flag if she asks for money. I’ve gone out on countless dates here, and a girl has never directly asked me for money—even after learning that I have a decent job and can afford nice things. Of course, it’s normal to have a conversation about money once you’ve been dating for some time, but if she brings up the question of money early on, that should make you pause because chances are nothing positive will come out of this.

When it comes to dating agencies, my view on this is much different. While I don’t particularly use dating agencies, if you decide to go that route, it’s important to thoroughly evaluate the dating/marriage agency and see all the prices/fees, especially their hidden services.

On the other hand, why go through a dating agency in the first place? We here at Ukraine Real are huge fans of Ukraine Date, a reputable dating site that makes it super easy for men to meet gorgeous Ukrainian women. There are no hidden fees, charges, and you’re not going be stuck with thousands of dollars of fees. Plus, the women are all real and are eager to meet their prince charming. (Check out our review here)

Of course, even when you signup for a regular dating site, you’re not absolving yourself from getting played by the woman you end up talking to. A Ukrainian woman is still a Ukrainian woman, so if she feels that she can extract some resources out of you, she will try. Although you will have a slight advantage because a Ukrainian girl from some marriage agency will not be as eager to rip you off as a Ukrainian girl on a regular dating site.

Nevertheless, keep your wits on you at all times.

Final thoughts

Ukraine and Russia are two countries that have the “brides” mentality. The term “mail-order brides” was invented here. Thus, it’s very common for some Western man to get on the Internet and, through the help of various dating agencies, meet a woman who he will be able to marry in a relatively short amount of time.

We’re not talking about meeting a woman and dating (or living with her) for many years. We’re talking about express marriage: meeting a woman to quickly marry her. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of little gotchas that you will be faced with, from the moment of meeting your woman through one of these agencies to the moment of actually trying to build something with her.

Then, there’s the fact that you might be used simply because you’re a citizen of a rich country and marrying you offers her a fast track to getting that country’s passport. I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard of Western men marrying a Ukrainian woman, bringing her back to their country and, as soon as her papers were finalized, dumping him for someone else. But all those thoughts are for another article.


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