Ukrainian Dating Culture: Ultimate Guide

For a country with amazingly beautiful and feminine women who love to wear sexy outfits, Ukrainian women are still very traditional and, maybe even, also conservative.

This stumps and confuses a lot of foreigners who think that once they arrive in Ukraine, they’ll experience something similar to America’s “Spring Break,” where women will throw themselves at them and they will get laid the same time.

All of that is completely false.

In fact, dating in Ukraine is a very traditional affair. Unlike in America or the UK, it’s extremely rare to sleep with a woman on the same night. (One exception to this rule is if you meet her in the club and really hit it off, then it’s possible you may be able to bring her home, but I wouldn’t bet my house on it.)

All this means that dating is the norm. On average, it typically takes about three dates for you to seal the deal, although if you really connect, it can be as little as two.

Here’s an outline of my dating structure:

Date 1

For the first date, I typically invite them to a restaurant or wine bar and we order some wine. First of all, I enjoy a nice glass of wine. Second of all, wine is a solid choice for the first date because it helps with the awkwardness on the first date (especially if you met online and haven’t met before).

For the first hour, we talk about anything. I tell her about myself. I listen to her. It doesn’t really matter what the topic is, there will always be awkwardness on the first date.

Throughout the date, I study her behavior. Is she enjoying herself? Is she drinking her wine? Does she want another glass? Is she smiling and asking me questions? Is she flirting?

If possible, I like to at least get in a kiss on the first date to establish some kind of chemistry.

Date 2

For my plans on the second date, it really depends on the weather. If it’s warm and nice outside, I typically invite her for a walk in one of the parks or just along some neighborhood. (In the summer, I like to go for walks all around Kiev).

Another option is to have wine in another restaurant, but that’s a bit cliche, especially if you’ve already had wine on the first date.

If you really connected with her on the first date, then walking around and then inviting her back to your place to drink wine is a solid option.

Date 3

For the third date, I offer to cook something at my place. Coupled that with wine, and you have an irresistible offer that hardly any woman would pass up. Provided that she likes you in the first place.

It’s certainly not a great sign if she refused to come back to your place, but understand sometimes you may need more than three dates before becoming intimate.

Ask her out again and spend more time with her.