Ukrainian Dating Service: What You Need To Know

Ukrainian Dating Service: What You Need To Know

As you know, a lot of people come to Ukraine for many reasons, but chances are if you’re a guy—especially a single guy—you’re probably coming here with the knowledge that women are super feminine, beautiful and friendly. That’s because Ukrainian women (and also Russian women) are known the world over as extremely feminine super friendly very traditional and know how to cook a mean meat meal for you.

And, therefore, Ukrainian women have become kind of a brand over the years. The whole Ukrainian Brides thing started out during the Soviet Union times and has continued to go on. There’s just a certain branding associated with the whole term of Ukrainian women that something like American women doesn’t have.

Since there is such a high demand for meeting Ukrainian women and dating them, even possibly marriage, a lot of services of sprung up that promise you exactly that

There’s another side of the story: many of the women aren't huge fans of the local men. That’s because the local men have a reputation for drinking a lot and not working enough and really not taking care of their women, unfortunately. All that a typical Ukrainian woman wants is to have a nice reliable guy that she can trust and possibly build something with.

As a result, there are a lot of different agencies whether they’re in bridal agencies or regular agencies and they are out to help you find the woman of your dreams.

Unfortunately a lot of these services are run by unscrupulous individuals and basically there’s a lot of scams and a lot of unsavory things happening in this kind of area.

We here at Ukraine Real have received tons of reports from unsuspecting guys who came to Ukraine, signed up for one of these services, and ended up being taken advantage of and losing a lot of money, unfortunately.

So, we’re here to give you some solid tips when dealing with this. The most important thing is to never give money to people upfront. That means not sending money using something like Western Union or you know something like PayPal, yes, even PayPal, because there’s a good chance you’re never going to see that money again (this is Eastern Europe after all).

But even with all the tips and tricks, I can tell you that the chances of being ripped are pretty high when you sign up for one of these agencies or services. I received an email just couple of months ago of an American guy who signed up while he was in America send them some money down here when he arrives there and do what they promised they asked for some more money he kept giving them more money and then he ended up losing all his money because they didn’t deliver their part of the deal.

I’m much better strategy instead of going with one of these bridal agencies or one of the services is to sign up for a really good online dating site where you can meet pretty much any kind of woman you want without taking a lot of risks and without showing a lot of money.

For instance, there’s a site called Ukraine Date that provides an affordable and safe way of meeting Ukrainian women. We here at Ukraine Real are big fans of the service. 

The host company (Cupid Media) runs a lot of different sites in lots of niches around the world, so you have a site geared to Russia, a site geared to Colombia and other countries. Plus they’ve been around since something like 2000. 

Not only are they reputable and reliable, but the best part is also that it only costs something like $.50/day to set up a profile and begin talking to these women. So, you don’t have to Spent hundreds and even thousands of dollars in order to meet a woman, it’s only going to be something like $.50 a day or something.

Now, I know a lot of you’re probably shaking their heads right now and thinking, “hey I don’t wanna sign up for some paid service. I want to go out and meet all the problems in Ukraine for free.” 

The problem with that is that it’s very hard to meet women in the country without having a solid social circle. Plus, most women already expect to meet a guy online because that’s what they’re here for as opposed to approaching a woman who is not expecting to be approached. 

So, the way this works is you go over to Ukraine Date, sign up for the free account, do some searches, and then when you’re ready to take it further, you upgrade your account to a paid membership. Remember, it’s only going to cost you something like $.50 a day maximum, which is you know, is several times less than a cup of coffee. 

In exchange, you’re gonna be in a hassle-free experience without getting ripped off and you’re going to be able to meet quality women that are interested in building something serious with you.

So, forget about any kind of online dating service or bridal agency or whatever they call themselves these days. They’re nothing but a waste of your time, energy and, of course, money.


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