Ukrainian Girls: #1 Dating Guide

Ukrainian Girls: #1 Dating Guide

There's no denying it: Ukrainian girls are beautiful and feminine. In fact, I can’t think of another country that has more feminine women than Ukraine. I’m originally from Mexico and have traveled quite a bit around Latin America, so trust me when I say that I can’t think of many women who are more classy and feminine than Ukrainians.

There’s a flip side to this, however. Ukrainian girls know that there are beautiful and the more attractive is the woman, the more she knows how beautiful she is. You can bet your ass that the really attractive women have had plenty of guys approach them and tell them how beautiful they are.

This means your approach needs to take that into account. Obviously, you shouldn’t tell a beautiful girl that she’s beautiful. Chances are she’s heard that multiple times and won’t respond to it in a way you want.

Building attraction with Ukrainian girls

First of all, you have to understand that building attraction with beautiful women—especially Ukrainian—is all about preselection. The woman must understand that you have lots of options and that are many women that are fighting for your affection.

First and foremost, this means limiting your availability. You can’t appear that you’re always available to meet up and see her. Even if you aren’t that busy, she must understand that you have other things going on your life.

When you’re busy and not instantly replying to her texts, a woman instinctively understands that you’re busy working on other things and that maybe you have other girls that you’re spending time with.

Second of all, don’t put the girl on the pedestal. Keep your initial dates cheap. Don’t take her anywhere expensive or to a place that you wouldn’t take an average-looking girl. Because if you start taking her somewhere special, she will start to think that you’re viewing her in a special way and her behavior will change.

There’s one important thing you must understand: hot women have come into contact with plenty of guys who either treated them super nice or were mostly indifferent to them. That’s how these women started to categorize these guys: nice guy or asshole (indifferent guy). Trust me when I say this, but you want to be the asshole and not the nice guy that women will take advantage of. Keep that in mind at all times.

Where to meet hot Ukrainian girls

There are plenty of places to meet hot Ukrainian girls. The first place is outside: streets, stores, cafes, restaurants, bars, and clubs. This works great provided that you’re confident enough to approach these girls without fear of rejection (try it).

The other options are to meet these women online. There are two primary ways of doing so: Tinder and online dating sites. While Tinder works reasonably well, our strongest recommendation is to use a site like Ukraine Date. The site is a fantastic place to meet all kinds of women, from women who’re looking for simple flings to women who’re looking for a serious relationship. If you want to learn more, definitely check out our review. Or simply signup for your free account here.

The best cities to find amazing Ukrainian girls

Hot Ukrainian women can be found all over Ukraine. However, in my opinion, there are two main cities that have the best options if you’re looking for truly stunning women: Odessa and Kiev.

Odessa is Ukraine’s premier beach destination and is the natural place where gorgeous women from all over Ukraine come to hang out. In the summer, you will notice women with nice bodies coming to Ukraine to hang out and have a great time.

Another solid option to meet beautiful women in the capital, Kiev. It’s by far my favorite city in Ukraine and is also a city that, in my opinion, has the largest number and densest concentration of beautiful women.

The reality is that I have traveled all over Ukraine and I have yet to find a city other than Kiev or Odessa that has as many cute women.

Do hot Ukrainian girls like foreigners?

This is a very popular question. The fact of the matter is that there are two kinds of women in Ukraine: those who only like locals and those who are also open to dating foreigners.

Whether the girl is open to foreigners or not depends on her character. If she’s one of those girls who wants to go abroad to a rich country (e.g., America, Australia, the UK) and she wants a shot at a better life and more opportunities than she’s given in Ukraine, then she would be much more open to dating a foreigner.

Another reason a girl might be into foreigners is because she somehow doesn’t like her own country, culture, and men and wants to rebel against it all. This typically happens to women who’re over 30 and haven’t achieved much in Ukraine, so they’re looking for a way out and start a new life.

Red flags

Of course, it’s not all peaches and creme (as they say) when it comes to dating gorgeous women. Many of these women are obviously interested in materialistic things like money and things that money can buy. In fact, Ukraine is very notorious for having women that know how to use their men to the fullest.

Beware of women who, in the initial stages, talk about money or what kind of job you have. These would usually be the older women (30+) who’re looking to settle down with a provider after they finished their “slut phase.”

Another important sign to watch out for is when you’re a foreigner who’s not in Ukraine and go on one of these dating sites (we recommend Ukraine Date$). Even if you’re talking to her every day or Skype’ing with her, you must understand that she may be seeing other guys on the side. So, unless you’re actually in the same country and seeing her regularly, you must understand that there may be something more to the story.

Final thoughts

Most Ukrainian women are very beautiful and “pleasing on the eye.” But there are certain women that are simply gorgeous and above the rest. Unfortunately (or fortunately), you need to approach these women in a certain way.

Once you master the approach and know where to find them, befriend them and building attraction becomes automatic. Now, you know exactly how to find hot Ukrainian women. The rest, as they say, is wholly up to you.


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