Do Ukrainian Women Like American/Western Men?

“Do Ukrainian Women Like American/Western Men” is one of the most common questions that foreigners who wish to travel to Ukraine ask. In this article, I will talk about the pros and cons of being a foreigner in Ukraine and what kind of women you can expect to attract.

Around the world, being a foreigner can either be a blessing or a curse. When it comes to the more conservative countries (e.g., Balkans, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro), being a foreigner is not that much of an advantage. In those countries, women typically prefer their own men and aren’t really impressed by foreigners.

On the other hand, Eastern Europe is widely known to be the region of the world where women, for the most part, really like foreign guys. In countries such as Russia and Ukraine, it’s very common for foreigners to land and immediately find themselves a cute girl to hang out with.

This is especially true with the whole Ukrainian and Russian mail-order brides phenomenon where you could’ve essentially order a woman over the Internet. Although that’s no longer the case these days, there are a ton of different dating and marriage agencies all over Russia and Ukraine where a foreign man can find himself a wife.

This is a purely Russian or Ukrainian phenomenon; after all, there’s no such thing as Brazilian mail order brides or Danish mail order brides.

I remember when I was in Odessa in the summer of 2011, a girl told me that most of the cafes were filled with groups of three people: a foreign man, his Ukrainian girlfriend and a translator who translated every word between English and Russian.

I heard that back in the 1990s after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the economic situation was so dire that a foreigner could simply fly in, buy a girl a Big Mac at some McDonald's and get a blowjob (or more). I don’t know if that’s actually true or not, but I’m pretty sure the real situation on the ground was probably somewhat similar.

The fact remains: if you have money, you will be somewhat successful in Ukraine, although whether you get the girl you actually want is another story altogether.

The real deal

Allow me to share my experience. I have dated lots and lots of women, and, to be completely honest with you, I’m not sure if any of the women I’ve dated actually dated foreigners. Moreover, out of all the women that I’ve dated only a few had serious aspirations about moving abroad, America or some other country.

One girl was around 32-33 years old and wanted to leave Ukraine for greener pastures abroad. She was the quintessential example of a girl who worked at a regular bank job, wasn’t much promoted, wasn’t much appreciated. She wanted to try something new abroad. While I’m not sure she was looking for a foreign man, I’m sure if one fell onto her lap, she would roll with it.

The second girl that I’ve dated was younger, at around 26-27 years old. She was pretty successful at her job but wanted to visit the US (San Francisco) to see what it was like. She told me she was interested in visiting it first and then possibly relocating there, but she hadn’t yet made up her mind and wasn’t sure, but she was definitely open to the possibility.

All the other girls were pretty standard Ukrainian girls who, as far as I’m aware, didn’t have much contact with foreigners.

OK, so, do Ukrainian women love foreigners or not?

It seems like we’ve talked about a lot of things, but we haven’t really answered the question of whether Ukrainian women really like foreign men. The answer is that it depends.

Unlike some of the more conservative countries where women tend to stick with their own kind, Eastern European women are generally open to foreign guys. In my view, there are various reasons for this:

  1. Eastern European men aren’t as romantic and chivalrous to their women as Latin American, Southern European and even American men.
  2. Eastern European men aren’t as good looking as Latin and Southern European men.
  3. Eastern European don’t take care of their women as much as Western and Latin men.
  4. Eastern Europe is an overall poorer region than Western Europe and America and, thus, people (and that includes women) want to build a better life for themselves.
  5. Eastern European women are more hypergamous than other women. Since women date and marry up (and men typically date and marry down), women want to have the best opportunity for themselves and their offsprings. And that means going to places that provide more opportunities for having a good life and spending time where the richer men are.

Right now, Eastern Europe is one of the few spots in the world (except maybe Southeast Asia and countries like the Philippines) where a Western man can go and the women would be open to having a relationship with him.

This is certainly not the case in countries like Italy, Serbia, Spain, and Brazil, where women, for the most part, like to build relationships with their own men.

Eastern European women travel to nearby countries (e.g., Turkey, Egypt, Israel) and earn exceedingly good amounts of money doing questionable things. Even as far away as in America, newly arrived Eastern European women have a reputation for making money using specific ways (escorts, prostitutes).

A friend of mine lives in Brooklyn, NY, where there are a lot of immigrants from these countries. Not only are there are Eastern Europeans who have lived in the region for many years, but there are also newly arrived young Eastern European women. He told me that in his apartment building, there is a van that comes by in the afternoon and picks up a bunch of young Eastern European women and drives them to some location. Obviously, one can only guess where they’re being driven to.

Out of all the women that I’ve dealt with, Eastern European are some of the most hypergamous out there. They will stop at nothing to improve the quality of life for themselves and their offsprings. They are survivors.

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